Stop making decks and spreadsheets for your clients.

We build real-time dashboards for agencies to report performance to clients alongside sales data and demonstrate value.

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advanced agency reporting

We provision custom data warehouses that allows agencies to connect their efforts to sales results in a responsive dashboard.

✔️ Custom data pipeline and white-labeled client dashboard

✔️ Provide a higher quality service to your clients

✔️ Prove your value by connecting media results to sales

✔️ Facebook, Google, and other digital advertising reporting

✔️ Sales productivity reporting

✔️ Email marketing reporting

✔️ Turnkey setup


Strategic agency partnerships

Sangfroid Marketing Studio is your analytics and automation partner.

Let’s be friends

We’re a small analytics and automation agency based in Austin, Texas. We are always looking for agency partners that offer complementary services or might benefit from our specific, narrow skill sets. We partner with other agencies by referring out work and allowing our partners to white-label our services.

Agency reporting

We’re experts in blending advertising and sales data. Agencies looking to upgrade the reporting they provide their clients can take advantage of special pricing by white-labeling our reporting. Pay a one-time fee or subscribe for ongoing maintenance and support. Markup the price if you’d like!

Marketing automation

What happens to the leads after you generate them? Tap our experience in marketing automation to implement an automation tech stack and nurturing campaign that complements your work to drive higher conversions for your client. More ➡

Scratch my back

Partner with us by white-labeling our services at a discount or commission, and join our network so that we can refer work to you ❤. If you’re in Austin, we should definitely be friends. Contact ➡


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